Medical Repatriation

Medical repatriation between countries requires the intervention of experienced aviation agencies. Many reasons for using an ambulance flight and rescue rescue when a person is injured in an accident, or has an illness that forces him back to his home country. A situation that requires us to act quickly and to connect all relevant factors to make the urgent flight the safest and most convenient way for the patient.

Performing the return home process

Performing the return home process requires full coordination with the appropriate type of aircraft to perform the mission, medical staff including advanced patient safety equipment during flight and coordination with ambulance vehicles to collect the patient from the departure state to the ambulance vehicle for the patient from the country of arrival.

How fast a flight can be made

The medical flight can be made within 3 hours of receiving the approval and passport documents and exit visas for the patient and the escorts. Through our fleet of aircraft and the medical staff accompanying the aircraft, we can make all preparations for the flight in a fast and secure way, including coordination with ambulance vehicles to collect the patient to the airport through a quick entrance to the aircraft door to facilitate the entire security inspection process at the airports.

Medical repatriation will be done on a variety of aircraft.

For each aircraft with varied flight capabilities, the size of the aircraft greatly influences the rapid arrival in the country of birth or the country in which the patient chooses to come for surgery or supervision. An ambulance flight requires as fast response times as possible so we know exactly how to offer you a number of right options for direct flight without refueling stops

With our Types Of Aircraft or Rescue Helicopters that can carry out special flights and pick up casualties from difficult places and without minimum arrival capacity.

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