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    Thank you very much for the number of flights in your company I felt at home every moment

    New Citizen

    We are happy to tell that we were able to bring Aunt Jetty home!
    Today she landed at Ben-Gurion Airport and will spend the rest of her life with her sister and family, wrapped in love and concern.
    We want to thank you, all the good people who made it happen!
    We are very excited : The operations team of AirJet.Line, Anna Idan Jewish Agency, Jerusalem, Nimrod Almagor, emanuelle amar Population Authority Representative Shai Farber, Ariel Di Porto, Avi Beniohu, Yossi Hyman, Diego ornique, Attorney Amnon Givoni, Attorney D. Michael Decker, YAEL KOMAN CANETIVIP

  • private plane rental
    G.A CEO

    Excellent service thank you very much

  • presidential expedition Kingdom of Norway
    Kingdom of Norway

    Many thanks for excellent work and personal service

  • Presidential Expedition of Slovenia
    Presidential Slovenia

    Many thanks to a large part with the presidential expedition


    Appreciate your work throughout the flight. The pilot team was professional and the medical team arrived home safely in no time. Thank you.

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