Challenger 604

Challenger 604 Private Executive Airplane which includes 10 seats. A powerful 9.5-hour flight range with no refueling, this type of aircraft features fully equipped kitchens for passengers, as a spacious and comfortable seating signal, full flight crew and additional options for a quick lounge pass until arriving at a state-faster airline check-in.

Private flight on one of the jet planes provides an experience for businessmen or families looking to fly together on the fastest route to a variety of destinations around the world. The big advantage of a private jet is your ability to get from one airport to another on a direct flight.

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Challenger 604 Properties:
  • Max Range 4,500 miles / 9.5 hrs
  • Max Speed 489 mph / 787 kph
  • Cabin Length 68.0 ft / 20.85 m
  • Cabin Weights 2.5 m
  • Capacity 10 pax
  • Pilots (Min.) 2
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