challenger 605

Challenger 605  jet aircraft used for private and cargo flights. You can make a quick booking with a 24/7 private flight service that includes a full flight crew that provides 2 pilots and a flight attendant.

The aircraft fittings are full and include an internet connection smoking area and the option of tilting the seats to sleep. Our company provides private flights and business flights in a variety of aircraft to choose from and according to your need.

The Company’s operations are located throughout the world through a large number of operating providers. We provide full coverage to Europe and the United States in small and medium-sized jet aircraft that allow you to book aircraft with 5 seats up to 14 seats.

Cabin height 1.87m | capacity: 12 | 5 sleeping | Baggage capacity 408kg

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challenger 605 Properties:
  • Max Range 7,400km | 8hrs
  • Max Speed 870 Kph
  • Cabin Length 8.61m
  • Cabin Weights 2.49m
  • Capacity 12 Pax
  • Pilots (Min.) 2
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